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Ned’s Deviled Ham and Turkey Salad

  I never bought cold cut ends in my life. I know my mother never did. But there are things you pick up later on in life that sometimes make sense. Your local deli will slice their ham or turkey … Continue reading

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Smoked Barbecue Pork Ribs

I know I’m straying again. But I happen to love good barbecue. My sons got me a Char-Broil Offset Smoker American Gourmet Deluxe Charcoal Grill for father’s day a number of years ago and I’ve been smoking ribs, salmon, brisket and … Continue reading

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Pork Shoulder Roast

 My grandmother prepared many of her roasts this way. Not sure if it’s a Sicilian thing, but she used to poke holes in the roasts and fill them with cloves of garlic and sprigs of fresh parsley. She did this … Continue reading

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Pork Chops In Red Wine

This is a real simple dish bursting with flavor. A great way to prepare pork chops in the rustic Sicilian way. Garlic, rosemary, parsley and fennel seeds enhances the pork flavor and the reduced wine sauce gives it that burst … Continue reading

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Sausage Stuffed Red Peppers

I knew I hit a good note when my son Joseph tasted these peppers and said they were the most flavorful stuffed peppers he ever ate. That was good enough for me. When I make stuffed peppers I always like … Continue reading

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Braised Pork Shoulder Steak

The aroma that whiffs through your house when you’re making this dish will have them at the dinner table early. This is a very easy meal to make that’s prepared in one pot. All you have to do extra is add a … Continue reading

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Grandma Verga’s Meatballs and Sunday Gravy

I really don’t want  to get into the tomato sauce/gravy thing. But I guess I have to. Here is my definition. Any other day of the week it’s tomato sauce. When you make it on Sunday, with all the beef, … Continue reading

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Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers and Potatoes

The aroma that goes through the house when you cook this dish will have them come running for dinner before the dish is done! The best kind of pepper to use for this dish are hot cherry peppers in vinegar. For … Continue reading

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Pork Chops With Broccoli and Olives

This is one of my grandmother’s signature dishes. Another simple dish with few ingredients, but when put together becomes amazingly tasty. I have never seen this dish served anywhere or seen anyone else make it. The sauteed broccoli with the garlic … Continue reading

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Baked Smoked Ham

My experience with Chinese food was extremely limited growing up. For a number of reasons. First being, we rarely would go out to eat. It either had to be a very special occasion, even then my mother and Grandmother would … Continue reading

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