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Chicken Cutlet Milanese

When I make chicken cutlets in my house I could never make enough. Kept wrapped in the refrigerator, they are great for sandwiches and just plain snacking. My son Joseph eats them like chicken fingers. He would never refuse a … Continue reading

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Calzone Barese

Growing up in Brooklyn, every pizzeria had the two basics, pizza and calzones. Maybe a few zeppole off to the side. But that was just about it. Today you walk into a pizzeria and it’s hard to find a plain … Continue reading

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Spinach Mpanada

This spinach filled mpanada was another staple for Christmas Eve dinner. Along with the broccoli pie and scaciatta, these savory pies were always a big hit. Whatever we didn’t finish on Christmas Eve was always on hand for breakfast the … Continue reading

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Arancini – Sicilian Rice Balls

Some of the best rice balls I have ever had, outside of my mother’s kitchen, was at a food stand on the ferry that went across the straights of Messina from Calabria to Sicily. Leave it to the Italians to serve … Continue reading

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Bistecca Fiorentina

It sounds great! And is one of the best steaks you will ever experience. The truth is, the only place you can have authentic Bistecca Fiorentina is in Florence, Italy.  Sad but true. Oh, you can make something similar here. … Continue reading

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Chick Pea Meatballs – Polpette di Ceci

  I have been cooking since I was 10 years old. Always loved it. Never even gave it a second thought.  I guess you could say I was a natural, whatever that is. When I see people toil over the … Continue reading

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