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Italian Orange Cake

This orange cake is not overly sweet, but in the true Italian tradition, slightly sweet and flavorful. Perfect with the morning coffee or just a midday snack. It may seem odd but you add the entire orange, peel and all, … Continue reading

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Biscotti Reginella – Giuggiulena- Sesame Cookies

There was a bakery in my Brooklyn neighborhood  called Termini’s Bakery. The store was at 7615 New Utrecht Avenue. Terminis was baking delicious bread, cookies and Italian specialties decades before I was born. My grandfather used to get his bread … Continue reading

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Recipes for Super Bowl Party – MY TOP 10 RECIPES FOR YOUR SUPER BOWL PARTY

 The big game is less than a week away and the party has already started in the New York/New Jersey area. Hotels are booked, both teams are already here and attending events all over the  area. I live and work … Continue reading

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Zucchini Bread

August is always a month of abundance. Farms are full of fresh picked fruits and produce. The vegetables in your backyard garden are ripening faster than you can eat them. You need to save and store the fruits and vegetables … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Toast

SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS This is comfort food for comfort food. Does that make sense? When comfort food was invented this is what they came up with. Better? Who doesn’t have childhood memories of cinnamon toast?  It’s not … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Pancakes and Peach Cobbler

My children loved my Sunday morning pancakes. What they didn’t realize was what they were enjoying came from years, decades of experimenting and coming up with the “perfect pancake”. When I was a child I used to make my own … Continue reading

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Pastiera De Grano and Pizza Rustica

Cooking with Nonna in Florham Park  I spent the early part of an afternoon at Nonna’s Italian Restaurant in Florham Park New Jersey. Rossella Rago was filming a webisode of Cooking With Nonna, the popular website that features Nonnas from different … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Pecan Pie

OK, I’m straying again. But this was just too good not to share. Over the last 40 or 50 years I thought I was eating pecan pie. You would pick up a bottle of Kayro Corn Syrup and some pecans along … Continue reading

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Arborio Rice Pudding

What could be more comforting than a dish of homemade rice pudding? And if it’s made with arborio rice, well, than it’s Italian Comfort Food! Rice Select Arboria Risotto Rice — 36 oz The perfect rice pudding should not have rice kernels … Continue reading

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Aunt Mary’s Butter Cake with Nutella*

My Aunt Mary was my grandmother’s younger sister. Actually, she was the middle one. My Aunt Angie was the youngest. Aunt Mary was the baker in the family. She was a wonderful cook as well, but when it came to … Continue reading

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