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One skillet Italian Sausage and Pepper with Rice

Fads Fads, short lived popularity of objects or behavior that quickly fade away. Can you think of any you experienced as a child?  Thinking back  one  comes to mind,  and it involved my brother Richard. He would get obsessed with … Continue reading

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Arancini al Forno

The first time I made rice balls I didn’t cook the rice just right and what resulted was a mess of mushy rice that would not hold together no matter what I did. I got so frustrated that I dumped … Continue reading

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Arancini – Sicilian Rice Balls

Some of the best rice balls I have ever had, outside of my mother’s kitchen,¬†was at a food stand on the ferry that went across the straights of Messina from Calabria to Sicily. Leave it to the Italians to serve … Continue reading

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