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I have to credit my friend Johnny Boy, A.K.A. John Racioppo for reminding me of our July 4th adventures on 77 Street. The memories are there once they are jogged from my head. Thanks John! We would prepare for the … Continue reading

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Grilled Pressed Chicken With Fresh Herb Marinade

We rarely would watch TV during summer vacation. There were way too many kids playing outside to be cooped up in the house in front of the TV. Summer time was outdoor time, and we took advantage of every minute … Continue reading

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Mpanada Ragusana – Broccoli and Olives

This mpanada is one of my family favorites. There are a number fillings we put in these pies, but this one gets the prize. When I go to visit my mother in Long Island, this is what she asks me to … Continue reading

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Did you ever have an event happen in your life, specifically during childhood, that stuck with you your entire life? I’m not talking about a life altering experience. Just something you did as a child that no one ever let … Continue reading

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Roasted Pepper and Cheese Frittata Sandwich

School’s out for summer! I can’t think of a better high than leaving your last class of the day and getting out of school for summer vacation. Especially if you didn’t have to go to summer school! As an adult, … Continue reading

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Macaroni Veloce e Fresco

Getting your hands dirty One of the things I like most  about summer is having a fresh herb garden available. Outside on my deck I have pots filled with the essentials… basil, oregano, mint, sage, and rosemary. Not to leave out … Continue reading

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Giggiulena – Sesame Candy

Jaw breakers   Torrone, otherwise known as nougat, is a concoction made from honey, well-whipped egg whites, vanilla, and walnuts or almonds; it’s an ancient sweet and it’s made throughout Italy, and Sicily’s is especially renowned. Cubbaita is an older version … Continue reading

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Fried Cheese

Swimming with the fishes When I was in Sicily as a young teenager I was staying at a small family run resort by the Ionian Sea near the town of Riposto with my brother and Aunt and Uncle. One afternoon, when … Continue reading

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Peaches and Wine

Barina We called her “Barina”.  She was a sweet, jolly woman about my grandmother’s age. When she came over to visit my grandparents on a Sunday afternoon we knew she entered the house when my grandmother buzzed her in and she came … Continue reading

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Roasted Stuffed Pork Tenderloin With Potatoes

There are a lot of different flavors going on here. Once again, the hallmark of great Italian cooking, simple ingredients combined to make a great tasting dish. And each ingredient does not mask the other but stands out on it’s own … Continue reading

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