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Linguine with Tuna, Capers and Olives

It’s hard to believe summer is officially over. Lots of things change after Labor Day. Living in the Poconos in North East Pennsylvania, Labor Day is the last hurrah of vacationers that come here to play. The next day you … Continue reading

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The simple clam. Italians have found many ways to savor this delicate mollusk. Raw right out of it’s shell, sprinkled with flavored bread crumbs and baked, sautéed with a mixture of garlic and oil and served over pasta, just to … Continue reading

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Lobster Fra Diavalo

May I have some more Mrs. Bocchieri? The first time I ever ate lobster was when my mother prepared a meal for my brother-in-law Arthur, before he was my brother-in-law. Back in the day, 1962 or so, one sure way to … Continue reading

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Baked Scrod with Chunky Tomatoes and Capers

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Cannillo’s Italian Food Importers, who are celebrating their 75th Anniversary in business. Cousins Paul and Jim Cannillo are 3rd generation Cannillo’s  that have been importing La Fede Italian food products … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Tuna and Fennel

My grandfather would go crazy over this spaghetti.  He would enjoy it so much I remember seeing him eating it with the end of the table-cloth tucked into the collar of his shirt so he would not get any oil or … Continue reading

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Fillet of Sole Piccata With Capers

Making a Christmas List, and checking it twice. It was around this time of year that I made the trip with my mother to the farthest reaches of our basement. It was a part of the basement that I would never … Continue reading

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Baked Clams Oreganata

I could never get enough of  baked clams. They are the perfect starter to an Italian meal or part of a hot antipasti platter. Garnished with just a lemon wedge, baked clams are an all time favorite. Whenever I’m out … Continue reading

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Fettucine with Pink Lobster Sauce

Arthur’s Legacy My grandmother never made anything pink. Certainly not her sauce. This dish has a more northern Italian influence. We rarely ever ate lobster in our house either. Well, until Arthur came into the family. Arthur was from the … Continue reading

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Linguine with Clams

This has to be one of my all time favorite pasta dishes. There is nothing quite like Linguine made with a fresh clam sauce. Back in the 70’s there was a place in Little Italy in New York City called … Continue reading

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Tonno a la Stemperata – Tuna in Vinegar

This dish is well-known in my father’s town of Ragusa. It is served cold or at room temperature. The tuna can be broken in pieces and served with the accompanying olives, capers and celery. In the tradition of a caponata, Tonno a la … Continue reading

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