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Pasta Carbonara

I love this pasta dish! It’s one of my favorites. Probably not the most healthy with all the butter and eggs in it. But you know what I say? As long as you don’t eat it every day, it aint … Continue reading

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Sicilian Fried Eggs with Bread Crumbs and Cheese

In A Pinch It’s finally 5pm.  Another rough week at work. Trying to get home. Tractor trailer overturned on I-287 at exit 41. One lane opened. Man, that 10 acre farm in northern New York looks awfully good. Two and a half … Continue reading

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Calabrese Pizza

Grandma’s Care Package Ok, so my children are half Calabrese. So I thought it was fitting that I add this recipe to my blog. Their grandmother Isabella is a wonderful cook and every time my son Joseph comes home from grandma’s … Continue reading

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Pane Ciapata – Fried Eggs and Bread

Italy – The Trip Of A Lifetime Breakfast was never a big meal with Italians. Usually it consists of a cup of coffee and a simple biscuit.  When I was 14 and traveled to Italy with my brother, who was … Continue reading

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